Weird Science – Killa Cam to Direct Avatar Sequels!!


First off fans of James Cameron’s Avatar will have reason to cream their jeans… not only is the release of Avatar in 3D on Blu-ray on it’s way (just in time for the holidays) but 20th Century Fox […]

Weird Science – Tough Act to Follow


Now I ain’t one to gossip, but let’s get some comic rumors out the way first… (Click here to listen, scroll down to read.) Part 1 [audio:] Part 2 [audio:] Last week it was announced that Tom Hardy […]

Weird Science – It’s About to Get Racial In this Piece


UPDATE! – What a difference a day makes… Say hello to the Playbook. Apple started it with the successful release of their IPad and now it appears all the other tech companies are gearing up for WAR! *NOTE […]

Weird Science – Let’em Know Ur In The Building!


Yeah man its 11:11am East Coast time, do you know where your children are? What about your friends, siblings, or significant other? Well a new feature on Facebook called Facebook Places hopes to make it easier for you […]

Weird Science – F*ck it! Youtube Does It Live!!


YouTube, the world’s largest video site, has pretty much been sitting on the sidelines as other websites such as Ustream and Livestream take the lead on streaming live video… (Click below to listen.  Scrolll down to read.) [audio:] […]

Weird Science – Meet Mark Zuckerberg


Who says geeks are boring.  Social Network, a movie that’s due in movie theaters in a little more than a month is a cautionary tale about the founding of one of tech’s biggest successes… (Click below to listen […]

Weird Science – It’s Back to School B!tches


It used to be about having teh freshest kicks or the latest bag, but now having the right gedget is just as importnat if you want to make life changing after summer statement this September when you head […]

Weird Science – I Didn’t Know You Couldn’t Do That?!


Two of your favorite tech companies are going through a shake up this morning… (Click here to listen scroll down to read.) Break 1 [audio:] Break 2 [audio:] Let’s start with the shit you saw coming the Apple […]

Weird Science: Thor Comic-Con Trailer Released


The highly sought after, highly elusive Thor trailer from this year’s Comic-Con was released late last week.  Let me know what you think… sidebar – It looks like Stringer Bell (Idris Elba) has traded in the towers of […]

Weird Science – It’s Hammer Time!!


San Diego’s annual pop-culture convention Comic Con wrapped up yesterday after four days of comic books, costumes, TV and movie previews. [click below to listen, scroll down to read] Break 1 [audio:] Break 2 [audio:] More than 120,000 […]

Weird Science – “Here’s a free bumper now STFU.”


Antennagate…. That’s what the iPhone 4  antenna issue is being called…  And Steve Jobs came out sounding like a nerd disappointed that the teacher screwed up the curve on his last math exam. [Click below to listen or […]

Weird Science – Android Smackdown


With Sirius XM… now available on your Android phone I figured why not feature some of your favorite Android products out now… Click below to listen scroll down to read. [audio:] [audio:] Now admittedly, I don’t have an […]

Weird Science – Happy B’day Pac-Man!!


As many of you may have noticed – on Friday, to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Pac-Man, Google turned its logo into a mini-version of the much loved video game… [Click below to listen, scroll down to read] […]

Weird Science – R.I.P. Limewire (2001-2010)


Shout out to Ms Colorado, Jessica Hartman — she did her best to get Geeked Up during last Sunday night’s Miss USA competition.  She was asked to comment about the privacy issues facing the social network Facebook. Facebook […]