Weird Science – Android Smackdown


With Sirius XM… now available on your Android phone I figured why not feature some of your favorite Android products out now… Click below to listen scroll down to read. [audio:] [audio:] Now admittedly, I don’t have an […]

Weird Science – Happy B’day Pac-Man!!


As many of you may have noticed – on Friday, to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Pac-Man, Google turned its logo into a mini-version of the much loved video game… [Click below to listen, scroll down to read] […]

Weird Science – R.I.P. Limewire (2001-2010)


Shout out to Ms Colorado, Jessica Hartman — she did her best to get Geeked Up during last Sunday night’s Miss USA competition.  She was asked to comment about the privacy issues facing the social network Facebook. Facebook […]

Weird Science – Avengers Unite!


Click here to Listen.  Scroll down to read. [audio:] [audio:] Transcription: So “Iron Man 2” took in a hefty $133.6 million on its opening weekend in the U.S. and Canada and hopefully the positive buzz that it’s getting […]

Weird Science – The iPhone From the Future


Click here to listen to callers tell us what they would do if they found an iPhone from the future! [audio:] [audio:] [Transcription below] This story’s been in the headlines unraveling for a couple days now. It involves […]

Weird Science – D.P.G. Edition


Click below to hear Daz & the Kurupt get Geek’d up. Break 1: [audio:] Break 2: [audio:] [Semi-transcription below] Attention parents and (especially to You Daz because you said that your son is very computer literate). Do you […]

Weird Science – YouTube Founders are Halfway Crooks


Click here to listen: [audio:] [audio:] Transciption below: Your favorite media company and your favorite website are involved in heated court battle and the dirty laundry of both companies is being scattered all over the internet… In March […]

Weird Science – Teach is Watchin’ / She’ll Pee On You


Well I got a special — Weird Science edition — of Weird Science today. 3 stories all about the trappings and pitfalls of modern day science that came across my radar over the past week… Click here to […]

Weird Science – iPhone gets Street Fighter IV & iPad gets a Camera (maybe…)


Part 1 [audio:] Part 2 [audio:] [Transcript – minus the crazy ad lib action.] Playstation users worldwide are feeling a little bit PSPeeved today, that’s because a glitch in the Playstation Network has left all users on all […]

Weird Science – WIN a FREE MAC TABLET!!


Sike Yo Mind! But read below and you may learn something or click here to hear music to your ears. [audio:] “Come see our latest creation…” Those are the words on the invitations sent out from Apple for […]

Weird Science – Heidi Montag’s New Avatar


Heidi Montag first gained D-level celebrity status as part of the cast of The Hills but if you saw her now you probably wouldn’t recognize her. I’m not here to throw stones. I’m here to marvel at the […]

Weird Science – 3D TVs at CES – Ziv Zulander Is Not Impressed!!


Click here for the audio book: [audio:] [audio:] Well the Consumer Electronic Show and Expo went down last week in Las Vegas (CES is an annual trade show where tech companies unveil their latest “must have” products). For […]

Avatar Movie Costs a Gazzilion Dollars To Make


[If you don’t like to read click here.] [audio:] This coming weekend the cinematic experience is supposed to change forever… that’s because James Cameron plans to drop Avatar his Futuristic sci-fi adventure flick.  Now if you’re as lost […]

Weird Science: Kid Games Make Big Money


Above is the commercial for the video game “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2” which is blasting its way into entertainment history. The video phenom scored record sales of five hundred and fifty million dollars in its first […]

Weird Science: China tells Yahoo – You Break, Good Bye…


All my fellow cyber surfers out there that peruse the internet super highway looking for videos of fine punany… be glad you don’t live in China. A Chinese government watchdog has ordered Yahoo China to clean pornographic content […]