Lip Service The Blog: Ten Things You Have To Remember In A Relationship

Lip Service The Blog: Ten Things You Have To Remember In A Relationship

10) Have your nails manicured and clean. Even if he says or you think he doesn’t care, it matters. That soggy wrinkled thumb that you may have from sucking it, is disgusting, to everyone. Chipped nail polish while giving oral is a turn off. He might still let you suck it but he will remember your nails.

9) Even if you think he doesn’t care about you being a good cook, he wishes you were. He wishes you cooked at ALL. He wishes you cooked like the girl from the ghetto with the food stamps that he is too embarrassed to make his girlfriend.

8) Have decent house clothes. Throw away everything that’s ripped, has pills and holes. The big cotton panties… No! The dingy white t-shirt… No!

7) No cat back. Always give that arch in your back when taking it from the back or bending over to give head. Don’t be afraid.  You’ll look like a little girl with the cat back.

6) Always have your own money. There’s no need to elaborate on this but it’s for the JUST IN CASE.

5) Don’t talk about his family. Let him talk about his family as much as he wants but if you do it, he will probably get angry with you.

4) Don’t question him about his kids. Parents are very sensitive about their children and they pride themselves on doing “the best they can” in their own way. The best thing you can do is ask do they want your feedback, otherwise you could create a divide.

3) Don’t forget the balls. You have to keep the balls warm. LOL

2) Pretend to spend money. I always make sure to pay the cheapest restaurant bills so it looks like I’m fair and for equality. So when I say, “pretend” it’s because you’re strategic about it not being the steak and lobster bill but he can’t ever say you don’t pay. I grab the bill when I know it’s like $40. My motto is “I pay on breakfast and birthday.”

1) Initiate sex. Men want to be lusted after also. Men often complain about always being the one to initiate sex. Put a reminder in your phone that says, “Don’t forget to have sex today.”