Lip Service The Blog: The Rebound Race

Lip Service The Blog: The Rebound Race

How long should you wait before displaying that you’re in a new relationship after a breakup? Some people have an actual time frame answer but I say it has nothing to do with time and everything to do with WHO your ex is. To be more specific, how crazy he or she is. Some other very important factors include, how long you were together and why and how did the breakup happen.

The level of crazy is the primary factor for me because if you have really moved on and want to be happy with your new mate, it’s best to NOT throw it in your ex’s face. It’s not about sparing feelings, it’s about saving yourself the drama. People love to sabotage new situations because of their emotions. So many couples are so used to drama that sometimes they can’t wait to throw someone else in their ex’s face. I believe if you are even thinking like that then your new situation is not as genuine as you portray and payback is the force that is really driving you to be with the new person. I feel that to be unfair to your new guy or girl.

If you care at all about how you look or what your ex thinks then depending on how long the relationship was plays a factor also. If you’ve been in a relationship for years and you are displaying a new relationship within a month, of course it’s going to look like you were cheating, even if you weren’t. In your ex’s mind they probably think you forgot how to date anyway so WHERE did this new person come from? Like I said, depending on if you care at all or not.

WHY did you and your ex break up is a very important factor in how spiteful you want to be afterward. Were you the victim, villain or was it a calm, mutual separation? I would say there’s usually a victim and a villain in most cases. The victim usually hopes and wishes to find someone fast to throw up online but his or her conscience is usually too great to do so. Meanwhile, people love to be wrong and strong so the villain just keeps being a villain and flaunts anyone and everyone they can. Some of the craziest people flaunt other people around as a tactic to get the ex to come running back to them. That’s works sometimes for the toxic love.

I think the primary things you should ask yourself when posting your new connection online are:
“Why am I REALLY doing this?”
“Who am I REALLY doing this for?”
“How many bodies does the internet have on me so far?”
“Is there hope of getting back with my ex?”
“Will there be drama and do I want it?”