Lip Service The Blog: Women are not lazy, men are.

Lip Service The Blog: Women are not lazy, men are.

Remember the days when men used to go out and bring home the money for the household bills while their wife stayed home and took care of the house and the children? Now there are heavy debates about splitting rent or men not contributing at all and the women are working, taking care of the house AND the children. WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED?

There’s no way that this is fair at all. Not in a lazy, bratty, nagging way; I’m talking about a very realistic “This makes no sense” way. Why do women still have the same household workload plus a full time job and the man’s contribution has decreased in many ways? Why is he complaining to take out the garbage? Why is he complaining when he pays bills? Why is he asking why there’s no milk or juice left? The answer is, “You or me or these kids drank it and I didn’t get to the store yet because I had to pick up the baby after working eight hours and I had to start dinner. Can you shut up and go to the store instead of looking at me like I’m incompetent?!”

Why is it that men think it’s fair that the household work that used to be done over a 12 hour period is now packed into the few hours each night that we have after working a full time job? Is he still paying ALL of the bills or does he expect me to pick up half the mortgage and pay small utilities and groceries? If I have to pay some of these bills then the household duties should be split. Why am I still expected to do EVERYTHING domestic, work and pay bills while he gets a 50% off lifestyle discount?

There’s some women that don’t want a man to support them and they want to pay half the bills. If I didn’t have to, I would never sign up for this arrangement because I would still be expected to do everything else. Guess what? I AM TIRED ALSO. I AM HUNGRY ALSO. I AM STRESSED ALSO. Why do I have to do ALL the cooking, cleaning, laundry, grocery shopping, children (if applicable), look good, smell good, and FUCK good? Just a question. Lol. I wouldn’t mind if I got to keep ALL of my paycheck to save for the time that I get tired of this and can jump up and take a vacation or leave his ass for good.

In the midst of making sure everything is running seamlessly in the house I have to stay in shape and get my hair, nails and other grooming done. Do you know how much time out of a day a hair appointment can be? Don’t let it be a Saturday. Sundays, a lot of salons are not open. So a few things sometimes get sacrificed and that’s why the hair salon gets cut out and the gym. No time. But guess what? We are not allowed to use that excuse because we are “LAZY.” That’s what they call us. LAZY. When you fall off physically from doing ALL of the other duties you risk him getting turned off and the probability of him stepping out of the relationship multiplies.

Moral of the story… Make him pay all of the bills.