Lip Service The Blog: 10 Reasons Why Women Shouldn’t Apologize For Cheating.

Lip Service The Blog: 10 Reasons Why Women Shouldn’t Apologize For Cheating.

10 Reasons Why Women Shouldn’t Apologize For Cheating.

1) You shouldn’t cheat first. Cheating first makes you look like you have no self control or a grimy person. You can’t defend yourself no matter what the reason you make up if you cheat first.

2) Men are not as forgiving as women for cheating. If you think women have trust issues imagine a man’s ego and pride trying to get the image of another man’s penis out of his head. This only matter’s of you cheat first though and somehow actually want to stay with your guy and work try to work it out.

3) Men expect you to apologize but never actually forgive you.

4) You can’t cheat by mistake, so what are you actually sorry for ?

5) It looks stronger to say you did it because you wanted to rather than seem weak like you were vulnerable or coerced.

6) As soon as you appear to have any remorse, it will be used against you forever. A man will stay with you to make you pay for your infidelity, not because he forgave you.

7) Make sure the reason you decided to cheat is reason enough for you to leave.

8) If cheating was your response to being cheated on then don’t fall for the guilt trip. Guys will give you 101 reasons why women should never cheat even though men do.

9) You should only cheat “UP” so if you ever get caught your guy will feel intimidated and risk losing you to someone he is insecure about. This sounds horrible but it makes sense. Lol

10) Make sure you are in an actual relationship before you even consider dealing with someone else cheating. Many men will make you feel guilty for seeing other people even though there’s no defined lines in your situation. You are just dating until it’s explicit that BOTH of you should be committed.