Lip Service The Blog: DON’T BELIEVE HIM!

Lip Service The Blog: DON’T BELIEVE HIM!

When I hear stories from women there’s plenty of times that I’m listening and thinking to myself, “But you should have known he was lying from the situation alone.” There’s very specific situations that create an atmosphere for lying. Here are the most likely times a man is lying to you.

1) Married – Once you give a man the opportunity to explain his marriage he knows that he can tell you anything because he can paint a picture that doesn’t make him look so guilty. Too many times outside women give married men the chance to justify their infidelity. They might even act like they’ve never cheated before even though they have. The worst thing you can do is hear a married man out. If he has to cheat then he should leave.

2) Jail- The men in jail paint the most realistic and romantic picture you can imagine. All the promises and plans that he has in store for when he gets out make it seem like it’s worth the wait. My rule of thumb is, “How did he treat me when he was free?” My second thought is if I do decide to wait for whatever the circumstance is then I will wait to see if he follows through with his actions after he tastes freedom again. People THINK they are capable of something until they’re expected to do it in the midst of external temptations.

3) Long distance relationships- I don’t believe in long distance relationships. Meaning, someone is cheating. That’s just my personal opinion. Of course people can be cheating living in the same house but long distance relationships are expensive and stressful. I think a long distance relationship should just be considered an open relationship.

4) Lives with someone- I think that if you’re in a relationship with a guy who does not have his own home then he has too much advantage. Whether he lives with his wife, girlfriend, baby mama, mother, sister, or grandma, there’s a boundary that you can’t cross because you have no access. If the situation is set up where he always comes to you then of course he has the advantage of having 100 alibis. The average woman with all her screws won’t be banging on his mom’s from door at midnight so he can always say he was at home asleep.

5) During sex – YOU CAN NOT BELIEVE ANYTHING HE SAYS DURING SEX. It’s called sex talk. It’s not real. He could be saying he loves you, you have the best pussy in the world, he wants you to have his baby… Don’t believe him! If you’re having sex raw, 80% of guys ask are you going to have his baby before he orgasms. It’s just talk that turns them on. Do not take it seriously.

6) Drunk- Do not believe anyone when they’re drunk, not even women. When someone is drunk they will do and say anything. You can get someone to marry you when they’re drunk. You can get them to give away all they’re money when they’re drunk. When they sober up they won’t remember a thing.

When are some other times you absolutely shouldn’t believe someone?!? Leave a comment.