Lip Service The Blog: Where do I find guys?

Lip Service The Blog: Where do I find guys?

A VERY common question is “Where do I find guys at?” I hate that question because guys are everywhere. We are walking past and dodging guys ALL DAY LONG even though we may not notice it. As much as we say we want guys, we AVOID guys. Think about when you cross the street to avoid guys, look away on the train and bus or roll your eyes at the guy who told you that you looked nice today. For whatever reason we disregard guys all the time, we throw a lot of fish back in the water. Does where you meet a guy say something about him though? Can you tell what type of man he is by where he is ? Let’s see!

Grocery store- If you meet him in a grocery store, 9 times out of 10, he has a family. Peep his cart for the kid stuff like formula, pampers, or juicy juice. He could even be using someone’s EBT OR WIC. Don’t get caught out there. Then again, it could depend on the grocery store. If you’re at the cheap local grocery store then this applies more but if you’re at the very expensive grocery store he could be single. The problem with this type of man at the expensive grocery store is that he is probably a health freak and prude. He will only let you eat water and grass and you will be miserable. Single men rarely cook. They either eat out or they have women come cook for them. Guys will always have a chick stop for some food on the way to his house.

Gym- If you meet a guy at the gym between 9am-5pm and he has a nice body, he probably is unemployed and he has been to jail. He most likely also has a felony. Those guys love the gym. They were used to working out in jail. The gym is full of guys with no job on a membership plan sponsored by a woman. If you go really early in the morning, you’ll find the business men, married with kids. After 6pm, he has a job, might be single, but he doesn’t make enough money for a living. Don’t be fooled by which gym it is because men are horrible with paying bills so many of them are not on their own membership!!!

Gas Station- Check out his car. Check the backseat for a car seat. Check how much gas he bought. Don’t get you a $10 watery gas man. Make sure he’s not the attendant.

Home Depot- This is where you find husbands. (But usually someone else’s husband who wants to be your husband too.) From the minute you walk in the door every single man in Home Depot is ready to get married to you, have babies and build you a house from scratch. Although he has a wife and kids at home. If there’s ever a day you’re feeling ugly, be sure to stop by Home Depot to feel better about yourself.

Work- One of you has to get fired for it to work. Working together is just way too much. It’s a lot of paranoia and a lot of trying to keep your privacy. You’re constantly stalking him to see if he is too friendly with any other employees. Seeing each other and work and home is only fun for 16 year olds. Grown people need some SPACE! Please don’t tell human resources that he sexually harassed you when he dumps you for the new girl.

School- This is where families are made. There’s a lot of success stories of dating the broke college boy for a while who goes pro or lands a great job from interning. This is who you could get married to. If there’s one thing I hate about college guys, it’s that’s they’re great debaters. They might not even be smart, but they will always think they’re smarter than you.

Club- The only men left in the club are the ones asking how much a beer is, scammers and rappers ! Pick your poison.

Social media- Social media is a common way to meet people to date but it’s very risky. Beware of catfish! Beware of the guys who already fucked your entire timeline. This is the easiest way for guys to get girls nowadays. People fall for the internet persona, get hooked too quickly and by the time you realize that he lied about everything it’s too late. Just know, if you liked him, 100 more do also.

Dating sites- I say go with the dating sites you have to pay for because the people are way more serious. Free dating sites and apps are just as bad as social media. Men aren’t on there to date. They are on there to find SEX. Free sex. Paid sex. Just sex!!! Be careful.

Vacation- He has a wife or girlfriend at home. Long distance doesn’t work. End of story.