Lip Service The Blog: Are Bad Boys Going Out Of Style?

Lip Service The Blog: Are Bad Boys Going Out Of Style?

Have you noticed that women are getting less and less enthused by the classic bad boys? Well I know I am. As cliche as this sounds, “Ain’t nobody got time for that” anymore.

I remember the days that it was cool to have a drug dealer boyfriend or a guy in the streets. I don’t know if that dwindles as women get older or if these type of men are just going out of style as a whole.

Let me be the first to say that I loved everything about a hood, street guy and then…I got a degree and a job…traveled a bunch of places, read some books, and saw other men use their OWN credit cards and was astonished. Now that I have an education, culture, work experience and great credit, I get very bored talking about celebrity news or reality shows. I want to exercise my brain with someone I like and have deep conversations and healthy debates.

When I’m reading his texts, I would like to know whether he is telling me something versus asking me something. You know, someone who knows where periods and question marks land.

There’s nothing sexier than a guy who makes the plans himself. Wow, he booked the tickets and made the time? *Lord yes, please don’t let this one be married, bisexual, have a micro penis or have 8 children.*

The absolute worst part about being with the bad boy is the paranoia. When we get pulled over by a cop, are we getting a ticket or going to jail? Is someone going to come tie me up , rob me or kidnap me because I’m affiliated with a guy who has street beef? Is he one of those guys that has to carry a gun everywhere and cares about where we sit in a restaurant because he can’t have his back to the door?

Speaking of jail. yet again, “Ain’t nobody got time for that.” The court dates, the jail visits, the expensive and very inconvenient phone calls, and the costly supplies and DEMANDS that they seem to need every minute is not the life I dreamed of.

Let’s not forget the coming home late at all times of the night and morning and not being able to say anything about it because “You know it is.” Interrupting and cancellng plans or being hours late because he has to “Take care of something.”

What about all the women who pop out of the woodworks and his alibi is that “she’s a worker,” “a customer,” or somehow just someone you can’t question him about because they use her apartment or something is in her name that is relevant to his business.

Doesn’t this sound like a miserable life? It is. No woman who has anything going for herself should subject herself to this life. More than ever, I’m seeing women “Go for corny.” It’s safer and a lot more peaceful.

If women like me could just get over his “watch-less” wrist, one pair of sneakers, tattered wallet, and can wait until he gets paid in two weeks for us to go to Houston’s then we could potentially stumble upon a very caring, respectful, smart, funny, honest, simple, and peaceful man that gets home at 7pm. “Unfortunately” he might not have any women online posting pictures of him and her together yesterday. :)

I’ve learned over the years to use this strategy…When you have a choice between two or more guys, pick the one that YOU like the least. He will treat you better. Is it error proof? Of course not, but I’ve kicked myself in the ass so many times thinking to myself “Damn, I cut the wrong one off.” Nine times out of ten, I went for the guy with more money.

When they said “Mo Money, Mo Problems,” they weren’t lying.