Lip Service The Blog: Facts About A Mistress.

Lip Service The Blog: Facts About A Mistress.

Why is it that generally women think that being cheated WITH is “better” than being cheated ON? Why do the women who are being cheated with think that they have more control and leverage than the person being cheated on? Why do the women being cheated with seem to feel smarter than the person being cheated on? How does knowingly and willingly participating in deception make something think that they’re any less weak than the ignorant person?

Do you notice how quick a woman is to call another woman “stupid” for staying with the same man she can’t or won’t walk away from herself? Do you notice how women make themselves feel better about staying with someone based on her connection and title to a man? Do you notice how women compare themselves to the other woman to soothe or justify their guilt?

There’s some facts about being a side chick that everyone should know.

1) The man “wins.” While the women are busy tearing each other down and brainwashing themselves about why she deserves to be the last man standing, the man gets the benefit from all parties involved.

2) A woman that does NOT believe in open relationships to any degree but stays in a situation with someone who is unfaithful to her has low self esteem. Some women call it love and others make up plenty other reasons why their reason for staying “makes sense.” It may “make sense” to her and whoever she explains it to but low self esteem is still a major underlying theme.

3) Desperation doesn’t make the secondary woman any more in control just because she has a plan. Many women tend to think that if they’re only cheating with someone for a monetary benefit then they aren’t as guilty or weak as someone emotionally involved.

4) None of his reasons for staying with his primary relationship are valid or admissible if you don’t believe in or want that type of relationship with a man. Once you allow a man to explain why he is cheating, he knows that he can manipulate you to seeing things his way so that he can do this for as long as he wants to.

5) The woman being cheated with doesn’t know this man, available. She only knows him taken. Women who are being cheated with tend to think that their relationship will have the same dynamics if she was to become is primary woman. I’m not saying it doesn’t work. I’m not saying it doesn’t happen. My point is that if she ever gets him to herself she will notice that she has to relearn him because he was not able to give her 100% of himself before. In many cases, the person she thought she was waiting to be with full time is not who she is going to get. Not to mention now knowing how capable this man is of being deceptive in a relationship.