Top Guys You Might Be Miserable With…

Top Guys You Might Be Miserable With…

1) The Mama’s Boy- Being compared to this lady or trying to compete with her is torture. She’s overbearing and too hands on and he allows her to be. She tries to school you on how to take care of her son. Any way other than her way is the wrong way. He runs to her for everything. Can you handle this?

2) El Cheapo- Horrible or no holiday gifts and splitting everything even though he has more money than you. It really sucks when you know someone can afford to do more but just doesn’t. Having to explain why it’s okay to buy a pair of shoes after working 40+ hours for the week is rather annoying to me. What about when you ask for money to get your hair done and he asks why don’t you do your own hair. Lol

3) The broke criminal – The guy keeps getting in trouble for various things and there’s no monetary benefit at all. He is draining. He is expensive. He is worthless. He is in and out of jail all the time. Somehow he is your boyfriend. Sigh.

4) The Rich Criminal- The man who provides a lavish lifestyle for you but has NO boundaries whatsoever. He has no schedule. He has nobody to answer to. His life is chaotic. Is the lifestyle worth the headache of the law, women and enemies?

5) The Athlete/Famous guy – It is hard to know whether or not you are really the girlfriend of an athlete or famous man. You might just be his chick for that location. If you are really dating him then the restrictions and scheduling they have may leave you feeling lonely anyway. Would you be comfortable with the separation especially if you have your own life and career that you can’t tag along with him everywhere.

6) The Couch Potato – At first it may seem like a blessing but after you’ve watched everything on Netflix, Hulu, on demand and your entire DVR you might want to go out with him. He doesn’t want to. He wants to stay home. He wants order in or eat left overs… AGAIN. What else is there left to do besides break up if he is that boring?

7) The drinker- Have you ever had the boyfriend who always gets too drunk and you have NO clue what will occur? You ever have to babysit his drinking so that he doesn’t go over the limit? Of course he gets mad saying that he doesn’t need you to tell him what to do but you know one drink too many and all hell will break loose.

8) The ANTI worker- The guy that thinks he is too good to work for someone else. The guy who thinks it’s best to make his own lane and be an entrepreneur but has no clue about anything. The guy who thinks working for someone else is so beneath him but needs money from everyone who works for someone else!!! The guy who always talks about what he could, should and would do to be successful but hasn’t done anything.

9) The Sex Slacker – The guy who thinks he is great in bed but isn’t. These are the guys that just stick it in without it being wet. They aren’t good at foreplay. His oral sex is horrible. They don’t take any hints or direction on their sex game. You just complain to your friends about it.

What other type of guys can you think of that you have been or would be miserable with? Comment Below!!!