Dawn Richard Talks Dirty Money, Armor On EP

Dawn Richard Talks Dirty Money, Armor On EP

Dawn Richard talks about Diddy-Dirty Money disbanding, working independently on her Armor On EP and her plans for solo success with The Breakfast Club. Dawn discusses her release from Puff and Interscope, the Dirty Money experience working with Kalenna and Diddy, her former group Danity Kane, and what happened with her ex-boyfriend Q from Day 26.

“Puff was done, he decided to be done, so I was like, Alright, what I got to do next, I’m not going to sit around too long,I got to grind.”

“I had faith in him because I know that there was a mutual respect, like I went hard. I went hard and made sure that he respected me as an artist and he gave me the opportunity, vise versa, more than once. Everybody’s different but for me, he let me go and it was good look and I respect him for that. I’ll always respect him for that. He could have did me dirty, he could’ve and I wouldn’t have had to had said anything about it. Instead, he did the noble thing and I think that’s what… makes him great.”

“I ate good, but my Mom and my Dad didn’t have anything from [Hurricane] Katrina, so everything went to them. So I started over after that because everything went to them. But I was cool with that, it never was about the money. I came from a good life. It was more about the opportunity to sing. And that speaks in numbers. Because now as a solo artist, no label, independent, I’m #1 on R&B and Soul iTunes charts. We did it in like 3 hours. That’s a blessing y’all, real talk.”

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