Nelly Talks Career Highs & Lows

Nelly Talks Career Highs & Lows

“Nothing continuously excels. It’s called a career for a reason. You got the ups, you got the downs. But as long as you around, that’s the thing.”

Nelly joined The Breakfast Club to discuss his 12 year career, if he’s going through a cold streak musically, staying quiet about his personal relationships, dealing with clothing manufactures like record labels, and his new album M.O. coming this fall.

Personal life:

“I always comment on what I’m doing. Now when you talk about the dating and all that, that’s something that it seems to be more important to everyone else than to me. I know who I’m dating, I know what’s going on.”

“Me and baby girl, we real cool. I don’t think anything’s going to change until me and her decide that we want to change it. Everybody think it’s my decision that we say what we say. It’s a mutual respect. It’s a mutual decision that’s being made saying this is what we gonna say, this is what we not gonna say.”

Music Business:

“I think everybody in the entertainment feel the effects of when the economy do what it do. It’s definitly a young mans game and it’s a veterans survivals. You get to the point where it’s just about turning pages.”

“You always say, F the music business. The music business, I think that’s what kinda takes away from an artists creativity. Because it stops being creatively for you and it starts about being a business and trying to hit a mark. Especially when you have some type of success coming out.”

Clothing line:

“Apple Bottoms is what it is. It’s been great. We’re working on 10 years now. We’re one of the only female urban lines to still exist after 10 years. So that’s a blessing.”


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