Flo Rida Talks ‘Wild Ones’, Nelly Comparisons

Flo Rida Talks ‘Wild Ones’, Nelly Comparisons

“I’m a guy who’s definitely always been a fan of Outkast, whose always going against the grain and trying different things. That’s where I felt comfortable at, just trying different music. Being a fan of, from Marvin Gaye to Aerosmith to different genres of music” – Flo Rida

Flo Rida joined The Breakfast Club to discuss his new album Wild Ones, his commercial success around the world, Nelly comparisons and personal relationships.

“I think it’s different being an artist because we more into making music verses saying what’s real. And when people put that real behind it, I think back to just growing up in the projects where real things happen. A lot of times you get artists who talk real stuff and ain’t never been through nothing real. For me, it’s a great day to wake up and know that someone wants to pay me a certain amount of dollars for things that I love to do.”

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