Mindless Behavior Returns to The Breakfast Club

Mindless Behavior Returns to The Breakfast Club

Mindless Behavior returned to The Breakfast Club fresh off their highly successful Scream tour.

The group talks about where they would take a girl for Valentine’s Day and reveal they they recorded a track for the occasion. “Well since we came out with ‘Christmas with my Girl’,  a lot of our fans liked it and a lot of our fans wanted a Valentines song,” says Princeton. “So since our fan base is mainly girls and a lot of our songs talk about getting with girls and relationships, we thought hey.”

They discuss how they do with their money saying, “Well the funny thing is, a lot of people think that when we get our checks we splurge. The four of us, we love to save our money, and buy stuff here and there and spoil ourselves. But the four of us, we really liked to spoil our families.”

They talk about performing overseas, craziest story from tour, issues within the group, clothing line deal at K-Mart, getting home schooled, working on their second album, shooting a movie, and upcoming #1 Girls tour.

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