Mind Games with Mindless Behavior

Mind Games with Mindless Behavior

Mindless Behavior is a group that was formed a couple years ago with four singers. The 14-year olds stopped by The Breakfast Club for the realest interview of their young careers. Charlamagne Tha God started off by asking them if they were virgins.

Roc Royal and Ray Ray lived down the street from each other their whole lives and never knew it. Ray, Roc, and Princeton are from LA and Prodigy is from Philly. They talk about auditioning to get in the group saying they had to practice and rehearse daily. Roc Royal said, “At the beginning, it was hard for me because I couldn’t dance. But our manager said it was my smile that got me here.” Thankfully, their manager is a woman.

Angela Yee asked how their parents felt about them being in the group. Princeton replied, “At first our parents were a little scared because our managers Walter and Keisha were like, ‘For two years, we need your kids to live together, [work] 8 to 10 hours everyday, and once in a while they can go home.’ But our parents knew that we loved it, and they trusted into our mangers. And they don’t regret it now.”

Ray Ray talked about opening up for Janet Jackson, saying she bought them all iPods at the end of the tour. They say they always get nervous when they perform and discuss having there biggest performance being at The White House. Mindless Behavior dont feel like stars yet. Ray said him and Roc went on a double date a couple weeks ago, but that they’re single. They also talk about the rules they have on the road and artists they look up to.

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