Marcus Samuelsson Talks Harlem Meetups, Healthy Eating & Cooking For Obama

Marcus Samuelsson Talks Harlem Meetups, Healthy Eating & Cooking For Obama

Marcus Samuelsson, the Ethiopian-born, Swedish-raised chef and restauranteur owner of Red Rooster in Harlem, New York, visits The Breakfast Club to talk about the dinner he made for President Barack Obama’s State Dinner, celebrating Harlem EatUp!, which is a food festival happening in Harlem this weekend where all restaurants participate and offer cooking classes, etc. He says that thousands of people will be in attendance, and it is affordable. Former President Clinton will be there on Saturday, some of Samuelsson’s chef friends (Bobby Flay and more) will attend too. It will take place at Morningside Park. During the interview, he says that you really can’t outsource a restaurant job. He also says that he hires locally.

Watch as Mr. Marcus Samuelsson shares a heartwarming story about his mother walking seventy-five miles during a time him, his sister and mother had tuberculosis and subsequently was adopted by a Swedish family.

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