Lip Service The Blog: Is that ME? 

Lip Service The Blog: Is that ME? 

How come women will never admit that their vagina stunk before? Hopefully that’s not the case everyday but it definitely happens to every woman. In ALL of the years you’ve been alive you’ve escaped an unexpected stench? I think women feel embarrassed to admit that they’ve smelled foul before. I think every woman’s vagina smelled foul before once or hundred times. It just happens. There’s SO many reasons why you could smell foul down below and you mean to tell me you escaped ALL of them ?

1) CHILD BIRTH- You mean to tell me that a baby chilled inside of you for 9 months and the days after birth that you’re healing NONE of that excess stuff in there leaked anything that smelled toxic ? I don’t believe you.

2) Abortion- After an abortion, the vagina smells like death. Actually it was a dea…Nevermind. :(

3) Food- Asparagus and fish are some examples of foods that don’t do your vagina scent any justice.

4) STDs – Yea yea. You never had an STD before. I know. The statistics are fake. Blah blah, but for the girls who know they’ve had one before, they probably got suspicious when they had an abnormal and foul smelling discharge occur. That’s a very common symptom.

5) Yeast infections- Clumps of cottage cheese just sitting in the underwear and you still smell fresh ? Okay.

6) BV- A lot of girls have BV and don’t know it. It’s not always transmitted sexually but if it is, your vagina juice and the other girl’s vagina juice probably doesn’t mix well.

7) Semen- The smell of a man’s semen can cause you to have a smell that is not pleasant. Yea yea I know, your man’s semen tastes like pineapples. Girl please! For the smokers and the dirty food lovers, his diet can absolutely make his semen smell like garbage. I’m used to it smelling like Chlorox clean-up, which isn’t any better.

8) Medicine- Believe it or not, medicine can give you a stench down there. Certain pills and vitamins can translate horribly for you while you are taking them.

9) Hair – Having a lot of pubic hair can hold a smell. Sweat, blood, or discharge on the hair can make for a pretty horrible smell. I’ve never smelled it before but I heard it’s worse than when you take the hair out of braids that’s been in a sew-in weave for 3 months. And those braids STINK!

10) Periods… Period.

11) Multiple Partners- Having different men in your vagina raw.

12) Last but not least, everybody has missed a shower here and there or all week. LOL

If you have dodged ALL of these instances that your vagina could smell…