Lip Service The Blog: How long are your sex sessions?

Lip Service The Blog: How long are your sex sessions?

How long are your sex sessions?

When sex is really good, what man can last for an hour or two? I hear so many people telling old stories about when they had sex for an hour or three and all I can think to myself is “He must’ve been drunk” or “Your pussy is trash.” I’ve always tweeted that I’m perfectly satisfied with 19 minutes of sex. Three minutes of head for you, three minutes of head for me, put “it” in, and let’s orgasm together in 13 minutes. That’s GREAT SEX!!!!  If it feels good, I want to release. I don’t want to hold it because then it makes the BANG go away. Have you ever had an orgasm that just seeped out? It is SO disappointing. I want the tingling, the BANG, and then a nap! The only time a man has lasted an hour with me was when he was drunk and it was absolute torture. I learned the trick though! He is drunk and trying to orgasm but is numb as hell really. Go pee! Tell him you have to use the bathroom. When you return, he will be passed out on the bed in a drunk sleep. Thank Goodness!!! This happened to me before and I was very upset that I didn’t think of it sooner. I could have saved my vagina the beating.

Sex Minutes Scale

1-3 Minutes – He is a joke and this will be on blast in the group chat in 5 minutes because most likely the woman didn’t cum.

4-9 Minutes- Raging horny quickie (These are great if you both orgasm!)

10-19 Minutes – Good chemistry. The penis is rock hard, the vagina is still wet. The strokes are being savored. The surges are going through the bodies. The orgasm is building rapidly. Then BOOM for (hopefully) both of you.

20-35 Minutes- Maybe you both had longer oral sex sessions on each other. Still in the good pussy/dick zone.

36-59 Minutes – Someone is holding their orgasm, someone is not enthused with the sex, vagina juice is getting thicker and pasty. What’s the problem?

1 hour or more – The vagina is trash or he does too many drugs.

Remember: Sex is only “good sex” if both of you explode.

Written By @passport_cutty