Lip Service The Blog: How To Dodge Being A Fuck Buddy!

Lip Service The Blog: How To Dodge Being A Fuck Buddy!

How To Dodge Being The Fuck Buddy!

  • Do not visit their house before an initial date. Don’t fall for any of these lines: “I want to cook for you.”

“Come cook for me.”

“I have a bar at my house.”

“My house is very comfortable.”

“I love staying home and watching movies. I’m tired of going out”

The list goes on… Going to a man’s home prematurely is never a good idea. It gives the wrong impression. Being in that environment is a lot of pressure and self control. The chances of him NOT making any sexual advances are VERY low especially when it LOOKS like you’re comfortable with him by being there. Also, TIME of day speaks volumes. Not that a man won’t try to have sex with you at 4pm but after 10pm SCREAMS “I’m okay with getting fucked tonight.”

  • Do not go on “dates” after 10pm. Any date after 10pm is strategic timing to just wind up in the house, at a hotel or some bullshit diner. WHAT is there really to do after 10pm? If you live in a late night hot spot such as New York or Miami then maybe there’s a chance that you have a dinner reservation at 11pm but WHY? Let him know ahead of time that 11pm is TOO late. Honestly, you don’t even know him that well so separating at 2am in the morning is just too risky. After 10pm is the easiest way for someone to say nothing is open so lets just grab a quick bite somewhere cheap and go have sex somewhere. Lastly, DO NOT let a man keep you waiting for more than an hour and that’s being generous. If you allow him to have you waiting on him then he WILL NEVER BE ON TIME. Once he is an hour late, you have to cancel the plans. Even if you just took 2 hours to get pretty for him, so what. Cancel! If you don’t then you have just signed up for a lot of disappointment.


  • Do NOT get drunk on your first date. First of all, it’s very dangerous but it’s also sloppy. When you’re drunk it could be a major turn off to a guy because he may wonder if you get like that with everyone. If you were to ever get together on a more serious note, he may use your drinking history against you. Drinking definitely boosts the horny levels in people therefore causing you to go against the “I’m not having sex with him tonight speech,” that you had with yourself earlier. Could you have sex with someone on the first date and wind up being their girlfriend? Yes, but it’s very risky.


  • Ask him what type of situation he is looking for from the beginning. If he tells you that he is not looking for anything serious then you know he is looking for sex with no commitment. Don’t assume that you can change his mind because then you will just get fucked 1000 times and hear 2 years later that he told you he wasn’t looking for a girlfriend. Having sex often or raw does NOT mean you have advanced to the next level. You are just still a long-term fuck buddy.


  • Do NOT give your all immediately; match what he gives you. Have reasonable expectations. Don’t put the cart before the horse. Sex first and then a date is too risky. Don’t let him manipulate you into thinking that you are too conservative. Many guys will tell you that you are a prude or immature. Manipulation 101. I know girls who don’t even kiss a man until the 3rd or 4th That’s hard for ME, but the truth is that men KEEP on taking her out and doing things for her because she isn’t giving them her body immediately. They have a LOT of respect for her because they see she has respect for herself. The easiest way for a man to think you do something a certain way with everybody is to do it with him. They will use it against you later and count it as a strike for WHY you haven’t advanced.


REMEMBER: There’s NO WAY of getting out of being the fuck buddy once you’re in that position!