Lip Service The Blog: Do You Like Me? Circle Yes or No

Lip Service The Blog: Do You Like Me? Circle Yes or No

The question, “How do you know when a woman likes you?” came up on Lip Service. The first thing that came to my head was that I wouldn’t milk him for all his money. That probably still is the primary way to know if I REALLY like a man or not but I started trying to think of other things also. Here are ten other signs that a woman genuinely likes a man.

1) Grooms herself- I know this seems odd but listen. Most people will front and say, that they’re always groomed. That’s not true because even people who get waxes have to wait for the hair to grow back to get another one. I will believe that if you work in the nightlife, swim often or don’t get razor bumps but for the average chick, we let ourselves go down there when it’s “off peak” season. I firmly believe that EVERY girl KNOWS whether or not she wants to do something sexual with a man BEFORE she even leaves her house. With that being said, we PREPARE for the just in case. This means if you somehow wind up getting her clothes off when seeing her and she isn’t groomed, she thought to herself, “I’m definitely not fucking him tonight.” Alcohol or pressure must’ve been on your side that night but now you encountered a hairy twat. But hey, some guys actually like it like that.

2) Not embarrassed by you- we would all love to have that perfect looking guy for ourselves but of course there’s not enough of those to go around. Although everyone likes something different there’s STILL not enough to go around. This means that some of us will get stuck with the guy who we really didn’t want and don’t want anyone to see him because of whatever imperfection he has. It’s only when you REALLY like someone that suddenly his height, weight, messed up eye, missing tooth, or receding hairline no longer bothers you!

3) Cook for him- if I cook for a man and serve him on a glass plate that I have to wash afterward, I REALLY like him. Some girls will say they don’t cook for men. I believe if I can lie down and have sex with him then I can make him some eggs. Cooking for a man means I want him to get full, go to sleep after and hopefully come back later.

4) Pay the dinner bill- if I offer to pay the tab then I REALLY like this guy. I want him to know that I did not want to be with him for a free meal but rather his company and time. Of course this gesture won’t be often but I would do this to show a man that I value the quality time spent together.

5) Introduction to loved ones- I have dealt with too many men to introduce all of them to my mom and dad. I do not need my parents counting my bodies. If I introduce you to my family (for some women, children included) and friends then I really see a future with you. If I don’t take you seriously, we will never be around them and our encounters will be private.

6) Reveal him on social media- for many girls this is common. I’m not the girl who likes to post guys I deal with on the Internet, for several reasons. One thing I’m positive about is, if I post a man on social media, that’s me taking myself off the market. It’s not even about me claiming YOU; it’s about ME telling other men to leave me alone now. That’s major!

7) Gifting- If I spend my money on you, then I really like you because I REALLY like MY MONEY! I would love to spend ALL my money on me, so if I’m in the store and could have bought myself two pairs of shoes but instead decided to get one for me and one for you then I REALLY like you!

8) Clean his house- I think I can stereotype and say that most men are messy. There are some exceptions but most of the men’s rooms I’ve seen weren’t spotless even the first time I was invited over. I’ve had men tell me they’ve just cleaned up and I’m looking around wondering, *so how much worse was it? * If I REALLY like you, I’m going to be your free maid for the day and show you what CLEAN really is.

9) Spend the night together- over the years, I’ve had no problem fucking and leaving. Sleeping together is very intimate. I’ve been known to fart a lot in the night. I definitely drool a lot. I have a light purr aka snore. I’m not very comfortable in your environment because this home is unfamiliar to me. If I spend the night with you, then I like you and trust you. I feel safe with you and think you like me enough that if I do fart on you while I’m asleep you won’t kick me off the bed or kick me out, you will just laugh about it in the morning when I’m making your eggs! J

10) Extractions- this is a weird one, I know. When I really like someone, I become his esthetician. I mount him and pop his pimples, extract his blackheads and pull out all of his ingrown hairs. I do it to his face, back, legs, or anywhere I see something. A lot of men say they hate it but they always come back for more!