Lip Service The Blog: Mama’s Baby, Daddy’s Maybe

Lip Service The Blog: Mama’s Baby, Daddy’s Maybe

Not knowing who the child’s father is may be a lot more common than we would like to admit. As sleazy as it sounds, it happens. Clearly, because Maury was around for a very long time.

Listen to this scenario. A girl gets broken up with by her boyfriend. She’s devastated and vulnerable. A week later she runs into an ex. They rekindle. They are so comfortable with each other that they have sex a week later after seeing each other four times in one week. The last time she had sex with her recent boyfriend was the day before he dumped her. Let’s just say for reputation’s sake her and the ex do use a condom but he orgasms and tries to keep going. The condom slips off and gets lost inside of her. Two months later, she is pregnant.

Ok no, let me be real. Her and her boyfriend have sex on Monday and she finds out on Tuesday that he’s been cheating. They break up and she’s mad and vulnerable. She calls her ex to distract her from the pain and because they used to be together they have sex unprotected. Two months later, she’s pregnant.

OR… A chick has a side dude because she knows her man is cheating. She gets pregnant because she is having sex with both raw.

OR… A girl is having sex with her ex for money because her current boyfriend is broke.

OR… There’s no other reason besides her just being an irresponsible woman who has sex with everyone unprotected because they’re all her boyfriends and it just feels amazing.

OR… One night stand. Drunken night. Drunk spontaneous vacation sex.

Ok fine… She’s just a hoe.

All I know is that if any of this has happened to a chick, she’s in the doctor’s office saying, “No doc. Don’t tell me I’m six weeks pregnant. I need you to tell me if I’m 13, 17 or 28 days pregnant. YES, IT MATTERS. Don’t tell me 6 weeks. How old is this damn thing? I need to know exactly. No. No. No. Find a better machine.”

The question is, how should she go about the situation? I say it only matters if she is keeping it. I’ve heard of girls tell both guys they’re the father and then get an abortion. Is that for the money? But what if he wants to go to be supportive or to just make sure she really follows thru with it ? Yikes. You better say your mom is taking you.

If a girl is keeping the baby then telling more than one person could be hard because what if they both want to be around because he thinks he is the father? If she admits to anyone that she doesn’t know who the father is then she may risk not having anyone of them around during the pregnancy or ever. What do you think she should do? When should she admit that she doesn’t know who the father is?

What should a man do? Always ask for a blood test. I believe men are entitled to protect themselves also and not be criticized for wanting a piece of mind. I don’t think women should be offended if a man asks for a blood test even if she is faithful. If she has nothing to worry about then it shouldn’t be a big deal. I don’t think it’s specifically against the woman but just the stories that we’ve heard that makes a man just want to be CERTAIN.

It’s not impossible for a married woman to cheat. Plenty of married women have cheated, gotten pregnant and had the baby assuming and pretending it was her husband’s. It happens. I think for once, men are the vulnerable ones and should always confirm that he is the father. Would I be offended? At first it might sting but then I would say to myself that it’s not impossible that I could have cheated.