Coco’s A$$ Gets Manhandled on Lip Service

Coco’s A$$ Gets Manhandled on Lip Service

Coco and Ice-T made an appearance on Lip Service, and Coco lamented over how she constantly has to defend the authenticity of her bootay. She then demanded that all the women in the studio do a “feel” test, and you can see her ass getting manhandled in the studio below.

“I saw Tyra, she did a thing on her show where she was upset because her boobs are not fake and she was trying to show it and you know I felt her because I have to do it on a day to day basis. Because I’m white I can’t just be thicker than the average girl…I want you to jiggle it, don’t tap it. Do an inspection.”

Coco continues on to discuss her controversial blog that appeared on global grind, entitled “How To Keep Your Man Satisfied.”

“I’m a celeb blogger every week on global grind and my first topic was how to keep a man. I didn’t pick the topic, they wanted me to write about it. So I was writing from the heart. I was like you know what, I’ve kept my man for 8 years. I think I know what I’m talking about a little bit.”

Ice-T discusses one difference between men and women: men don’t give all the details of their sex life while women do. He then quipped, “That’s why I ain’t never had no problem with women I guess.”

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