Lil Scrappy Talks ‘Love & Hip Hop’, Relationships

Lil Scrappy Talks ‘Love & Hip Hop’, Relationships

“It’s hell, when your city don’t show you no love and the world ain’t showing you the same love they always showing you. It puts you in a spot. It put me in a real spot.” -Scrappy

Lil Scrappy stopped by The Breakfast Club and spoke about his role on VH1’s Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta. Scrappy talks about why he wanted to do the show, finding out about Diamond and Soulja Boy on Twitter, rumors of Jocelyn being a man, going broke a few times and his new album The Grustle out June 26th.

If Soulja Boy took his girl Diamond:

“Im’a put it like this. It had to be been going on. But at the end of the day, I was trying to look out for shorty. I don’t be caring about all that who’s messing with who. Long as you be loyal while you’re doing it. Don’t put me out there and try to embarrass me. And she did it, she embarrassed me.”

“When the funds started going low, she started to creep off. I ain’t gonna lie, I told her, I said ‘You gonna leave me like that? Like right now when everything gone?’ At first when I was making you famous, you was cool. When Crime Mob didn’t mess with you anymore and you needed that outlet, I gave it to you.”

Current girlfriend and baby mother Erica:

“I want my baby momma to be succesful. If she get her an NBA star, rapper, football player, salute, just let me know how it go, beforehand. I don’t want to find out on Twitter. Let me know cause we good like that. Im’a go about my business. I just want to look at for you anyway.”

Failed label situations with Lil Jon, G-Unit and DTP:

“I damn near want to say it was God telling me I have to be on my own or I have to go through something to get to where I’m going cause all of them are good dudes. All of them showed me love, all of them tried. but Every time I get half way there, everybody pulled back.”

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