Diamond Talks Lil Scrappy, Soulja Boy, Crime Mob

Diamond Talks Lil Scrappy, Soulja Boy, Crime Mob

Diamond joined The Breakfast Club to discuss her BET nomination, ex-fiancee Lil Scrappy, friendship with Soulja Boy, and relationship with Princess and Crime Mob.

She was nominated for Best Female Artist at the 2011 BET Hip-Hop Awards. She discusses her chances of winning against Nicki Minaj saying, “I felt like it was already fixed for her to win, but my whole thing was, I was blessed to be noticed. I been doing this so long, and just for them to single me out lets me know that I’m on the right track, so it was just cool to be there and be recognized.”

She discusses what happened with Lil Scrappy saying, “I just think that you grow separate, you grow apart. Our views wasn’t the same as far as maybe the way he felt about something as simple as me wearing a yellow shirt, and I feel like, ‘Ok well the shirt I have on, yeah it’s yellow, but I prefer to wear a red shirt.’ So it was just small little things that built up with us not seeing eye to eye, just letting us know that we both have changed and we have different views on life.”

Charlamagne asked if Scrappy was jealous because she was poppin and he wasn’t. Diamond replies, “He’s always supported me though. He’s always supported me but sometimes, I’m not going to lie, when you date somebody that does the same thing you do, it can be a bit difficult.”

Diamond says Soulja Boy and her are friends. They ask how he’s doing and if she’ spoken with him about getting his life together. She said Soulja and Scrappy don’t have beef and discusses possibly signing with Gucci Mane‘s Bricksquad, and a car scam she got mixed up in.

When discussing her situation and being a female artist with no affiliation, Diamond says, “I kind’ve want to do something different. It’s always been a female had to have a guy co-sign her. I feel like that’s another reason why it’s probably taken me longer. I just got to keep pushing forward and maybe this will be the turning point because I dont have no guy to cosign me, it’s just me.”

Charlamagne asks Diamond about her relationship with Princess saying they were supposed to record an album and film a reality show together, but they let their beef ruin it.

“I didn’t feel like the business was taken care of” Diamond says. “Whether it was right management, right label, the amount of money they was offering, how everything was structured. I didn’t want to rush into it because the first contract we signed as a group, Crime Mob, was messed up. So I didn’t want to just jump into it and be in a world full of mess again. Then in addition to us not getting along on a personal level, it just kind’ve brought everything down. So when everything hit the fan, it was like, ‘Hey, you just got to keep moving and hopefully the world excepts you as a solo artist.’ I had to do what I had to do.”

Diamond’s working on her new album and has had a few label meetings since she’s been in NY. She said everybody’s excited.

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