Karen Civil Salutes Angela Yee

Karen Civil Salutes Angela Yee

Black Enterprise sat down with social media titan Karen Civil as part of the Black Blogger Month series. In her interview, Karen discusses how Angela Yee is one of her biggest career influences.

“I love [New York radio personality] Angela Yee because she’s herself. She likes to wear $900 shoes, have a good time and it all works. She’s also a hustler—very ambitious and I like that. At times, I look at myself as the hip-hop Blossom because I wear so many different hats and it’s the same as [Yee]. She has her site, she’s on the radio, she does TV… I appreciate someone in entertainment who’s similar to me but on a higher plateau, but it doesn’t feel like it. Usually it’s hard for females in the same field to be okay with one another, but she’s not like that at all. Another person is [Funkmaster] Flex. Whether you like him or not he’s making sure that he stays relevant, that he’s No. 1 and that’s still pushing his content. He never gets old and that’s exactly where I want my brand to be. Him and Angela Yee, they just do it for me. They’re two wonderful people that I watch on a daily basis and kind of implement certain things they do into my business life and it’s working.”

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