Lip Service The Blog: I Forgot To Date!

Lip Service The Blog: I Forgot To Date!

Either we forgot how to date or we never knew how. I think people need to take more time in selecting the right person for themselves. There’s many reasons why people skip the dating process. Some of the reasons are because people have sex too fast, they’re trying to get over a break up or they’re rushing to not be single. When one of these things are going on people always seem to wind up with the wrong person.

What is the problem with having sex on the first date ? Nothing and everything. If you want to do it then fine, who cares. It’s no problem for the horny girls who can just have sex with no feelings but I would say that MOST girls can not do that. That’s why it’s a “problem” because it causes SO much confusion. What does this mean? What does he think about me? Is he acting funny now or is it my imagination? Are we going to do it again? Is that all he wanted ? Did I ruin my chances of being his girlfriend? So to eliminate ALL of these questions guess what most girls do? She focuses on this one guy to make sure that it wasn’t just a one time thing to make herself feel better and cuts everyone else off. That’s how she skips dating. She skips it because she was so confused that she wanted to make it all “worth” her hastiness.

The second scenario is when you’re going through a breakup and of course “the fastest way to get over someone is with someone else.” At this point, WHOEVER comes next after your ex HAS to be who the universe has sent you to be happy with right? Ha ha. It makes sense, I broke up and now I just met someone cute at the gas station. He MUST be my consolation prize. Guess what happens, dating over. Submissions are closed because in order to get over your ex you have to devote your time to the new guy. Chances are, you have NO clue if you two are compatible or if he is a murderer. You just KNOW that he must be “the one” that you were destined to be with.

Lastly, the people who CARE about what other people say and think about them being single. There’s really people who say, “People think there’s something wrong with you if you are single.” Personally I think all those people who have something to say can go FUCK themselves but I see it really does bother some people. Those people who CARE about being single grab whoever they can no matter the quality just to say they have a man. Women will get with young boys, broke guys, homeless dudes, or anyone who will claim her. That’s why you see so many women with careers with a guy with no job, home, or money. It’s because she can get him to live with her and pay for him to stay around. Her dating has now ended because she has the bum attached to her hip just to say she has a man.

With scenarios like this, dating is not very popular. You have to use some intellect before making your selection. You’re also not really selecting if you’ve only tried ONE option. I say if you’re single you should go on at LEAST 3-5 dates before making a selection. When choosing, you have to care about the areas that matter the MOST to YOU. None of the guys may qualify. Don’t pick the best of the worst. There’s PLENTY more options not just five. Don’t get tired of it like job interviewing because you will get discouraged. Even if they’re the worst dates ever, LAUGH about it with your friends, not cry.