Lip Service The Blog: What Type of Cheater Are You ?

Lip Service The Blog: What Type of Cheater Are You ?

Cheating is a very common topic. The question is, “Is it ever excusable?” Clearly it is because people do not always leave immediately when they catch someone cheating. Unfortunately, I’ve come to the conclusion that every cheater is not a villain or a monster. Every cheater isn’t trying to hurt their partner. Every cheater isn’t looking to replace their partner or be with someone else. As odd as this sounds, some people cheat and either don’t mean it or don’t really want to cheat. Can you identify with any of these types of cheaters?

Loyal cheater- A person who is in a full time relationship with someone they love and is staying with. The person cheats with multiple and random people but is not looking to leave the relationship at all. This person would be so sad if their partner found out they were cheating. This person doesn’t think the grass is greener anywhere else. He or she just loves variety.

Faithful cheater- Someone who has two full time relationships and only deals with those two people. The person is lying to one or both of the partners but he or she is not looking to cheat with anyone else.

Messy Cheater- DRAMA! DRAMA! DRAMA! This person is sloppy and tells the dumbest and most inconsistent lies. They don’t cover the tracks at all, always gets caught and does it again.

Revenge cheater- This person is only cheating because you cheated on them. They’re in pain so they want you to feel how they feel.

Deprived cheater- This person wants to be faithful but they are missing something from their partner. They might have addressed it or they might have just concealed their want and found it somewhere else. They don’t plan on leaving the relationship but they want to get that 20% somewhere else and hope their partner doesn’t find out.

Insecure cheater- This person has to cheat on you before you cheat on them. They are so insecure that they cheat just to make themselves feel better just in case their partner is cheating.

Privileged cheater- These are the rich, beautiful and great sex having individuals who know that their partner wouldn’t leave them for one of these reasons. They’re privileged because no matter what they do wrong, people still want to be with them.

Lifestyle cheater – There are the music artists, athletes and actor type people who have TOO much temptation to stay faithful. They have people throwing themselves at their feet 24/7. Only but so much someone can say, ” NO!”

DL Cheater- This is a person who is gay or lesbian but hasn’t come out of the closet yet, so they cheat.

Young cheater- For women this is 27 and younger. For men this is 35 and younger. This means that they’re just in their prime and testing the waters. They probably wound up in a relationship but it’s unrealistic and unreasonable to think they’ll never have sex with someone else again in life if they’re in a relationship at 21.

Fetish cheater- This person has a weird fetish that he or she can’t share with their partner so they have to scratch that itch somewhere else.