Glasses Malone: Respect My Gangster

Glasses Malone: Respect My Gangster

Watts representative Glasses Malone has been working on his debut album Beach Cruiser for the past 4 years. When asked what the hold up was, he said he wasn’t “making a big enough hit record. I had to make a big commercial record, and I ain’t been able to pull it off. They ain’t understood what I been on. They decided to move past that and just let me put out the album.”

He said the album is totally different now from when he first started. Envy asked him about being super lyrical in his music. Glasses said, “I’m not much of a spectacle, I ain’t much of a clown. I don’t have a bunch of face tats, arms tats, I ain’t with none that. I ain’t got none of the fake chains, or real chains. I don’t do none of that either. I don’t become interesting until I open my mouth, so it got to be kinda dope when I’m opening my mouth, so I ain’t dumbing nothing down.”

Angela asked him about his relationship with Bishop Lamont. He said there cool, but that Bishop hasn’t been on the scene lately. He talks about Bishop getting dropped from Aftermath saying it was “complex” situation. G also discusses his past issues with Ice Cube, saying it wasn’t anything personal and that it was an easy misunderstanding. “I just talked about the experience I had when I met him, and it wasn’t a favorable one that I though I would when I met Ice Cube.” He talks about signing with Cash Money saying they embrace street music and made it commercial.

When Charlamagne asked him why Crips and Bloods can get a long in the industry but not in the streets, Malone replied, “Thats the biggest misconception. They do get along in the streets. It’s just a misunderstanding.” He discusses gang banging saying in all his years, he never got in altercations with Blood gangs. “We got in it with Crips my whole life,” he said. And Jay Rock‘s (Blood) neighborhood is only 5 blocks away. “I don’t know why people is Crips or Bloods. Because it aint like ya’ll get along… It ain’t no love. It’s all hatred. I think that’s a misunderstanding, its Crips against Bloods. No, its neighborhoods against neighborhoods, its blocks and parks against streets.”

They also discuss the difference between hoods on the East Coast compared to out West. He said in New York, you know when your in the hood. In L.A., you don’t know when your in the ghetto. He said the projects in Watts aren’t like the projects in NY. “This is hard living, I can see why everyone is going to kill each other here.” He discusses the ignorance of gangs and people questioning Lil Wayne’s gangster. He said Wayne gets love and respect from the neighborhood he claims and that “Wayne is probably the most raunchiest person ever played on radio.”

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