Ace Hood Talks Blood, Sweat, & Tears

Ace Hood Talks Blood, Sweat, & Tears

Ace Hood released his debut album Gutta in 2008 after he signed with DJ Khaled‘s We The Best imprint. A year later, he released his sophomore album Ruthless. After his second album dropped, he went through some hard time personally and financially. Then earlier this year he dropped the smash record “Hustle Hard,” and secured a release for his third album titled Blood, Sweat, & Tears (available now.) He sat down with The Breakfast Club to discuss his new album, hustling hard, and dealing with the everyday struggles of life.

Charlamagne asked Ace why he put his album out the same week Watch The Throne dropped. He said they announced their date after his and he didn’t want to push the album back. C Tha God said he still wanted to see Def Jam give him a bigger push.

When discussing his new album, Ace said, “I put my pain and my life experiences into this album. Its truly what I been through. Prior to me actually taking time off, I endured a lot. A lot of ups and downs financially. Personal situations in my life. So Blood, Sweat, Tears is my grind.”

Angela asked him about getting an eviction notice even after releasing two albums. Hood said:

“Being that I went through them circumstances, I aint afraid to say. In the beginning I was kinda skeptical about people judging my situation. But it didn’t really matter to me because I made it through it.”

Envy asked Ace what he was thinking after his album was put on hold and he was having problems.

“I was just thinking what was going to be my next move musically,” Ace said. “I kinda went back to my old roots. My family is Christians. So I kind of sat music aside for a little bit. I ended up getting back into it. I kind’ve question myself. Whether or not this was right for me. I started going to church a lot… I felt like everybody got their own season. I felt like my season was coming. So I really stayed focused. I ain’t go nowhere. I ain’t go to know clubs. You never seen Ace Hood out. I ain’t want nothing but the booth. I always knew that it weren’t to many people i felt like in this music industry that, in all honesty, was as dope as I was with this music.”

Charlamagne said he respects Ace becuase he didn’t try to blame it on Khaled for his problems, like other artists have done. “Any man, in any circumstance, it ain’t right to make excuses,” he says. “I couldn’t make excuses. My first two albums was learning experiences for me. So I’m extremely blessed to even have an album.”

Ace also talks about what Khaled said to him when he was going through his issues, the success of “Hustle Hard,” if Def Jam supports him, and his new “Body 2 Body” single featuring Chris Brown. Ace will be performing at Power Live on August 28th in NYC.

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