Capone N Noreaga: The Morning After

Capone N Noreaga: The Morning After

Soooooo, Capone n Noreaga visited “The Morning After” and gave one of their classically entertaining interviews. The discussions ranged from diets to earling to The War Report 2 to Raekwon to Plan B morning after pills. You have to take the time to listen. I’ll set it off with this audio clip of Nore admitting that he threw up on another rapper once at the Tunnel while performing:


Noreaga confesses that the diet is over and he’s been farting crazy in the truck. He doesn’t eat beef but he eats chicken and fish from White Castle and is shocked that the farts still smell just as bad as when he ate beef:

Capone n Noreaga discuss their joint venture with Raekwon’s label:

“We took an oath, and we shook hands and pricked fingers. There was no money exchanged, there was no signatures, we just took a shot of tiger bone and said we in from here on out. When you dealing with reality, the reality is we trying to do this thing independently and we’re not that smart… He won with Cuban Links 2 and he felt that the War Report 2 was right in the same… it was both Maybachs. Ours was just dusty.”

Noreaga speaks on moving to Miami and warns our callers they better not talk crazy to him like one listener did with Joe Budden. Then they chastise our intern Candace for filming them without even saying ‘hi’ first:

Capone wants to get more information about the morning after pill, and Noreaga feels like throwing up. Nore reveals that he’s done recording for “The War Report 2” while Capone still has work left to do:

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