Wale on Relationships and Tour Money

Wale on Relationships and Tour Money

Although this interview isn’t brand new, I enjoyed chatting up Wale and listening to his views on what makes a beautiful woman and his honesty regarding the money he made and spent on tour.

Regarding the women he likes to date:
“It starts from the mental connection, I mean you’re attracted to them physically at first but you can’t have sex with them when you’re on the road and they’re home. They gotta be able to stimulate your mind when you’re on that tour bus.”

Regarding spending more than he made on the Blueprint 3 tour:
“I made 100 something thousand dollars on tour but I spent 100,000 more… I travel with a band. I pay for that myself, I pay for my tour bus myself. I don’t care about the money, like this is for the art. This is to have the legacy of making great music, of having great shows. I don’t care, clothes come and go, whatever, cars come and go, you crash them, but fans, you can make them forever.”

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