Troy Ave Talks Mixtape, Wanting Major Label Deal

Troy Ave Talks Mixtape, Wanting Major Label Deal

Troy Ave joined The Breakfast Club to talk about his new mixtape Bricks In My Backpack 3: The Harry Powder Triology and wanting to sign a deal with a major label. “We taking meetings now and just trying to up the ante, up the offers,” Ave says.

“Right now I’m spending more money than I’m making so I need something to happen. My videos be costing a lot. I don’t be having the Smack DVD videos, I be doing a big production.”

“A lot of people stop working after they get on a major and they expect a major to work for them. I’m gonna take my same work ethic that we doing, like we do everything in-house and just add that extra bread and just keep on flipping it. So now, when I get the major’s money, I can take my own bread and go get the Lambo that I wanted to get forever and now it’s all legit, and you just keep working.”

Watch the rest of Troy’s interview where he talks about the Hip Hop Police being at his shows, moving from Brooklyn to Queens, his alleged activities outside of music and his love for Angela Yee.

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