Torion Talks Signing with YMCMB

Torion Talks Signing with YMCMB

Hailing from ATL, Torion is the newest and youngest member of Young Money. He joined The Breakfast Club to discuss his signing with YMCMB and his plans for the future. Tor talks about auditioning for Atlantic Records saying, “They all wanted to sign me. But my manager, he wanted to carry on from there.” Tor’s manager David Mcpherson gave DJ Envy his first record deal.

He discusses linking up with his manager saying, “He came to my church and he saw me dancing. I was dancing for my dad. When I was dancing, he saw me, I was mouthing the words to the song. And when I started dancing to my song, he was like, ‘I think this kid can sing.’ So then he wanted to sign me from there. And then they hooked up with Mack Maine. Mack Maine called Lil Wayne and said, “I got to fly this kid out to Miami, and after that I was signed.”

Angela asks who exactly Torion is. “I would say I’m kind’ve like the next MJ or kind’ve like Justin Bieber. I sing, I act, and I dance. So that kind’ve represents who I am.” Charlamagne advices Tor that he shouldn’t compare himself to others. Torion responds, “But what I mean by that, I’m saying that’s what I do, that comparison. But not as high as them, that’s what I’m striving towards.”

Angela asked what his parents thought of him working in the industry at such a young age. “My parents are so proud of me. I’m so proud of my parents for preparing me for this.” He talks about his crush on Nicki Minaj and he’s working on his first mixtape. He also sang a live rendition of Maxwells “This Woman’s Work”.

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