T-Pain Talks Being a “Liability”, Revolver

T-Pain Talks Being a “Liability”, Revolver

T-Pain stopped by The Breakfast Club to discuss his new album Revolver, YMCMB rumors, “I Am T-Pain” app, and Jay-Z‘s effect on his career.

Comments saying he didn’t want to release an album:

“It felt like it was a waste of time. But everybody goes through that little depression state. Everybody went through it. I know Chris went through it, Ne-Yo went through it… Everybody just stopped messing with you at a point. It just gets weird. That’s just dues being girls I guess.”

Why the YMCMB deal never happened:

“Young Money changed their mind. I think they said, ‘I was a liability’. I mean, I’m pretty crazy. There’s a lot of stuff y’all don’t know that I be doing that’s just real stupid that could get a lot of people in trouble.”

“D.O.A. (Death of Auto-Tune)” fall-out:

“It was crazy because I was planning on taking a break at that point. But it was real, real bad in the urban community. But [with] white people, it made me more famous… but it killed me in the urban demographic.”

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