Saudi Journalist Gets 60 Lashes for Talking Sex

Saudi Journalist Gets 60 Lashes for Talking Sex

According to CNN, Saudi Arabian female journalist, Rosanna Al-Yami was sentenced to 60 lashes recently after a man appeared on her talk show, A Thick Red Line, and boasted about his sex life. As for the guy who was bragging on his pee-pee, he was sentenced to 1,000 lashes and five years in prison.

This isn’t the first time a guest of A Thick Red Line has been punished by the Saudi authorities for publicizing their sexy time. 32 year-old airline employee Abdul Jawad was also arrested shortly after appearing on the same show where he talked about losing his virginity at 14. According to Islamic law, premarital sex is illegal and men and woman are not allowed to “mingle” unless they are related.

Lebanese Broadcasting Corp, the network which aired A Thick Red Line, has since been shut down.

Can you imagine what would happen to Angela and I for getting Yung Berg to talk about this!

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