Rich Dollaz & Olivia Talk Love & Hip Hop, Erica

Rich Dollaz & Olivia Talk Love & Hip Hop, Erica

Olivia and Rich Dollaz returned to The Breakfast Club to discuss the new season of Love & Hip Hop.

Rich is hesitant to talk about his relationship with fellow cast member Erica Mena. Despite rumors saying they’re engaged, Rich only claims, “Yeah, Me and Erica messing around.”  He also talks about trying to get Olivia and Erica on a song together, why Olivia doesn’t like Erica, and if it’s hard working with the ladies when they don’t get along.

UPDATE: Rich called in to address the NY Post article that says Erica and him were thrown out of a restaurant after apparently hooking up in the bathroom causing a long line and security was knocking to get them out. Listen to Rich’s comments about the incident.

Love & Hip Hop season 3 premieres Monday night at 8pm on VH1.

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