Olivia & Rich Dollaz Talk Love and Hip Hop

Olivia & Rich Dollaz Talk Love and Hip Hop

Olivia and Rich Dollaz visited The Breakfast Club to discuss the season finale of Love and Hip Hop. They welcome Rich to the Club by playing his crying rant from an earlier episode of the show. They ask Olivia who she’s knocking off, Mama Jones saying she has a penis on Twitter, and the Chrissy and Emily situation.

Olivia discusses turning down a few label offers but says they’re considering some better ones now. Charlamagne says people don’t understand why she’s holding out for a contract that’s hard to come by. “Because I’m passionate about my craft and I’m not going to settle for less. I don’t understand why that’s so hard to understand when I say I’m not going to settle. Just cuz other people might take the first thing that come’s at them, doesn’t mean I’m going to do it.” Check out part two of the interview below!

Angela and Charlamagne talk about running into Rich and Eric Mena on the red carpet at the 40/40 reopening. They said they were together the whole night! They ask Olivia about her Mom. “It’s not as bad as everybody makes it look… My mom doesn’t like confrontation. If she has something she wants to tell me and feels it’s going to come off the wrong way, she’ll write it to me.” They ask if Olivia had just moved out her mothers house when the season started.

On how Rich makes his money: “It’s very simple. You have a passion, you feel like, I have a strong relationship with [Olivia]. With that being said, I’ll spend my last, in hopes that one day I can recoup, and we can move forward and do a lot better.” Charlamagne notes that, “You got to give rich props though because Rich has taken Olivia far. Because you got to think, she’s had two deals before.” Olivia responds quickly, “And I didn’t have the right manager.”

They’re filming the third season of L&HH now. Charlamagne says he wants them to show the real Olivia. “It’s hard to show them that when they want a certain type of content,” Olivia says. “Because we give them a lot of things, it’s not up to us what’s used. So that’s the bigger issue.”

Angela has this to say about Olivia: “You know what I like about Olivia, because I’ve always like Olivia as a person. Because she’s very straight up and blunt and she is kinda like a dude, not with a penis, that I know of. But just personality wise, and I feel like in some ways I’m kinda like that to. She’s very ruthless. They don’t show that on the show, but I feel like people want Olivia to be soft.”

Charlamagne says, “Exactly, I argue with people like that’s not Olivia. Olivia’s not delusional, she’s a very straight up person, she knows what’s going on, but they don’t show that on the show.”

Olivia talks about the Flex Hogan situation saying, “What bothered me, because we we’re cool. Then I have to find out turning on the radio that we ain’t so cool. So that’s why it bothered me, that’s one of the reasons I’m so closed in the industry because people I think I’m cool with, I’m not. So f all y’all”

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