Real Talk with David Banner

Real Talk with David Banner

David Banner visited The Breakfast Club to discuss all that’s going on his life. He’s got a new album, Sex, Drugs & Video Games, coming out in May that you can get for just a $1 donation at his website Support the 2M1 Movement!

“These last two years been the best years of my life,” Banner says. “I opened up three different businesses, I got a scoring house now, I score movies, I partially scored the new ‘Footloose’ movie that was just out. In the last two years I’ve done music in commercials from Gatorade, Mercedes Benz, Marvel, Cap Com, and the list goes on.”

“One of the reasons why I wanted to come up here and talk is because, actually the people who really make the money, they distract us and get us into fame, we want to be famous. But you think about the artist who have held a lot of these company’s up, One person in particular and I’m not going to call their name, I seen him in L.A. homeless, and I know for a fact that they were the reason why one of these company’s didn’t fold, there record actually helped that company get passed there debt and then they don’t have no health care plans, at least give him a job.”

“It’s about us not knowing our worth in the beginning, because we sell off a lot. If you think about the deals that a lot of these kids are getting right now, because they don’t know and nobody’s telling them like $70,000 for a 360 deal, you selling off most of your life, At one point, I signed off my likeness, I didn’t even own the way that I looked.”

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