Mix Pick: brandUn DeShay – All Day DeShay: AM

Mix Pick: brandUn DeShay – All Day DeShay: AM

brandUn DeShay‘s, producer/rapper, newest mixtape, All Day DeShay: AM, is full of character, clever punchlines and colorful music arrangements. DeShay’s project chronicles a young man’s story of coming of age into the lifestyle of music, love (or no love) and having money to blow.

With the record like “1 Up” DeShay charismatically sings to his peers who are as ambitious as he’s always out to one up. “Spazz if you wanna/swag if you wanna/either way we all gonna one up (one up)/throw your hands up if you one up/ (one up).” Another notable track includes “Take It Back” where DeShay kicks a few passionate bars on courting women today in this digital age. Relationships are not so easy with Facebook relationship updates huh DeShay? (@NessaLovesMusic)

1. Shay Loves To Ball
2. World Famous
3. They Notice (feat. Rockie Fresh)
4. NOW! *OVA*
5. Ur Fresh!
6. VirGo Away For Awhile (feat. Allen Ritter)
7. Canopy
8. Why Bother (feat. Raz Fresco)
9. FTW! (feat. Vic Mensa)
10. 1Up
11. Letter To God
12. Take It Back!
13. LATER! *OVA*
14. Canopy Pt. II (Bonus)

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