Lip Service The Blog: 8 Things That Will Get You Cheated On Or Broken Up With

Lip Service The Blog: 8 Things That Will Get You Cheated On Or Broken Up With

There is no error proof way to prevent cheating. I don’t want you to think that there’s anything you can do to ensure fidelity but there are common things that accelerate cheating because people feel justified for their actions. Of course cheating should not be their response but many people think they can cheat until their primary relationship gets better somehow. Here are common excuses that people use to explain why they felt justified in breaking monogamy.

1) Decline in sex- Sex holds a lot of weight in relationships. As much as we would like to think that it “shouldn’t be that serious,” it can be. Many people complain about their sex life and are driven to get satisfied elsewhere. Whether they want to spice it up more or do it as often as you did when you two first met, sex matters.

2) Weight change – When someone meets you they are signing up for that size you. Whether you went from small to big or big to small, they have the ideal you in their mind. Some people don’t mind the change at all. For some people they like your change but you will know by the hints they drop. Don’t ignore the hints.

3) Attention – Neglect and lack of attention or interest can drive your partner into someone else’s arms very quickly. I think all people would love to be nurtured and interested in. This is where the word “nagging” is very fitting because people nag as a plea for attention. Don’t ignore it. You can be around each other and you still not give your mate any attention.

4) Quality Time- Since you are SOOOOO busy (yea right) you think you have valid excuses why there’s no time for movie night or a dinner date with your partner. Your partner doesn’t care how busy you are. They want to spend time with you. If you get them accustomed to you not being around they know EXACTLY when they can cheat.

5) No progress – People will take you as you are for the moment but if they don’t see you moving forward in areas that count they will get very frustrated. If your mate doesn’t see you leaning towards marriage, trying to make more money or moving out of your parent’s house then they will start to reevaluate the relationship. People recognize when you’re in a stand still and expect you to figure it out ASAP. If you don’t move fast enough they will get turned off.

6) Ungratefulness- Everyone wants to be appreciated. Nobody wants to be taken for granted or advantage of. Eventually people wake up when they start to feel like their kindness is being taken for weakness. Genuine “Thank you” and reciprocation goes a long way with people. People just want to know that what they’re doing is on their own merit and not because you expect it.

7) Privacy- I’ve noticed that many people include too many people in their relationship. Whether it’s family or friends your partner did not sign up for the tribe to be directly included in the relationship. Whether it’s the constant third wheel everywhere both of you go or the friend or family member that you let live with you in a time of need that has extended their stay, you must remember that your partner’s tolerance will probably not be as strong as yours. Don’t give your partner a reason to not want to come home.

8) Food- Some people may not think this is a big deal so let me speak for myself. If I have to choose between two places, I’m choosing the place with good food. Lol. If food is not incorporated into the relationship, you’re more likely to get emotionally cheated on. There’s just something about food that makes people loyal to you. Ha ha