Joe Budden speaks on walking with Method Man and proposes to Tahiry

Joe Budden speaks on walking with Method Man and proposes to Tahiry


On his rumored breakup with Tahiry:

“We break up for 1 hour every day.”

On the altercation backstage at Rock the Bells:

“Me and my Slaughterhouse family were going backstage to the mainstage to get something to eat. It just so happens that all the Wu-Tang was back there because they were about to go on stage. I mean how does it look, they all back there on the stage that we’re not performing on and we walk back there a million deep and they’re a million deep, words exchanged. It was cool, I spoke to Meth.”

On the one-on-one conversation with Method Man:

“Me and Meth went, walked out in the back by the poison ivy and had a nice conversation. You gotta do that because oftentimes as artists you communicate through the media and that can never be good… Me and Meth have a mutual respect for one another which is why the whole thing was a little awkward.”

On problems with Inspectah Deck:

“I’ve never said 1 word to Inspectah Deck in my entire life. The issue wasn’t with him. He thinks I said something I’m controlled by uncontrolled substances. I haven’t heard that album, you can’t crucify me for not hearing that album. It wasn’t a shot at him.”

On the end of the beef:

“The shit is over 2 months ago. I’m sure the fans wanna see a battle and they wanna see a fight and they wanna see someone die… I’m able to separate Joe Budden the artist from Joe Budden just the fan of music. You can’t try to be a legendary group by dissing legendary groups.”

Then Joe Budden proposes to Tahiry and wait until you see the ring she has on! Exclusive….

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