Havoc Addresses Alleged Remarks About Prodigy

Havoc Addresses Alleged Remarks About Prodigy

Havoc from Mobb Deep called up The Breakfast Club to discuss his alleged comments about Prodigy. The drama started Monday morning when tweets were sent out from Havoc’s twitter @TheRealHavoc, calling his partner in a rhyme a bitch and claiming he was banging guys in jail. Hav released a statement later that day saying his phone was stolen.

The Breakfast Club played an audio clip of Havoc saying, “[Prodigy] gay, I had to smack him a month an a half ago when niggas was doing SXSW.”

Angela Yee asks Hav if that was him on the audio?

“No, I lost my phone yesterday after the Knicks game. I put a statement out letting people know. Because I didn’t hear about none of it until the afternoon. And then I was trying to get my phone back.”

Charlamagne asks about the tweets being sent via Web.

“I have a password app holder in my phone that has all my passwords in it.”

“You don’t have a lock on your phone?” Angela asks.

“Nah because I don’t got no reason to lock my phone, I never lost my phone before.”

The Breakfast Club continues to press Hav about his comments, listen to his response.

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