Freaky Boiz Talk Homosexuality in Hip Hop

Freaky Boiz Talk Homosexuality in Hip Hop

The words “gay” and “rap” don’t often come up in the same sentence until the Freaky Boiz began rapping on YouTube. Terrance Terrell and Pierre Phipps, are openly gay and started rapping for fun until they’re videos went viral on YouTube and they developed a fan base. See kids, all it takes is a dollar and a YouTube account.

Charlamagne and DJ Envy were fascinated when they found that one of the rappers, Terrance, had “vagina” before but didn’t enjoy it. “I did [have sex with a woman before], it wasn’t all that.” DJ Envy then suggested that it may have been a bad seed and that the oder may have been what turned him off. “It smelled good,” Terrence explained. “It wasn’t bad, it was washed.”

The two erupted into laughter while Angela Yee spoke up as the only “vagina” in the room: “I’m offended, ’cause my vagina’s all that, okay!?”

The conversation did find its way back to music when the two spoke about the gay community and their claims of finding Freaky Boiz lyrics offensive. “A lot of people,” Terrell said, “[are] not comfortable with they self, so when they hear [our music], they disgusted by it, that’s what I think.”

Pierre had this to say on the issue: “I believe so many people, including homosexuals, they try to mirror heterosexual people and when they hear us just busting it out, being who we are about our lives, they like, ‘You messing up, you gotta please the heterosexuals.'”

Cross the rainbow and peep the full interview below, trust me, it’s funny as hell!

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