Don’t Quit Your Day Job – Young Jerz

Don’t Quit Your Day Job – Young Jerz



From your typical Semi-Suburban streets of New Jersey hails 21 year old Hip Hop Recording artist “Young Jerz” … A sure Star to strangers but a shock to the kids who knew him! Back in High School, Some would’ve called Young Jerz the “Class Clown” or the “Center of Attention”… “The kid that made everybody laugh” and “The Knuckle-Head.” Few knew of his hidden musical talent besides randomly involving himself in a Rap Cipher near a classmates Locker. Although impressive metaphors and quotes would emerge from the soul of Young Jerz, “He’s Just Playing around,” they would argue! He’s Not Serious!!!!

Ask those very kids Today and the Adjectives used would be slightly Different!

See, Today they’re calling him “Next Up”… “The Neighborhood Celebrity”… “The 80’s Baby” bust most importantly They know him as “YOUNG JERZ.”

Listen to Young Jerz’s submission below:

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