Don’t Quit Your Day Job – DreDai

Don’t Quit Your Day Job – DreDai

Will DreDai Quit His Day Job?


The Name – Dredai. The real name is Andre Williams and the reason for the alias is to stay as genuine as possible, keep the alias as close to the real name as possible to avoid falling in the category of a gimmick. So, let’s roll with Dreday because as an artist you have to think big and feel like everyday is yours to create. Now, let’s add a little twist to it and take off the Y and substitute it with an I because my music is something everybody can relate to (I) instead of something everybody questions (Y or Why). Dredai is originally from 5th ward/Mo. City Houston Texas and is now currently residing in Ogden Utah as part of a job relocation, but it’s all about where you’re at more so then where you’re from; therefore as an artist Dredai represent Utah to the fullest. Dredai has been doing the rap thing since 2003 and has been pretty successful every since. quotes “Dredai is a cross between the soul of UGK and the lyrics of little brother.” quotes “Dredai is one of the top ten battle rappers to embrace our site since we opened.”

His Style – When it comes to his rap style, he is very versatile. Fast, slow, catchy, and even extremely creative with hooks. Dredai is mostly known for his creative concepts and his ability to create music at a high speed. With over 200+ songs in his catalog he puts his talent on full display to anyone with open ears. As he quoted on his latest album “while your favorite artist dropping double albums I’m dropping double demo’s”

The Purpose – Following the June 3rd release of the locally anticipated “Dai Dreams Night Reality.” Dredai has been focused on getting as much as exposure as possible seeking every avenue to get his music heard. This album has high powered features such as Shortdawg of Young Money Ent as well as local artist from Wing Foot Ent bringing a delightful melody of nationwide exposed artist as well as underground local artist. My destination is to put SLC’s hip hop scene in the national spotlight, and on the road to nationwide recognition our next stop is Radio Play with U92.

The Background – After watching a 2004 interview with 50 cent where he states “the qualities of a star are Quality of Music, Looks, Performance, and Work Ethics,” something sparked in Dre that made him realize that he had what it took. After releasing an album in college called “The Undergraduates,” he went on a full time grind to get himself exposed. He did it all from performing at The Apollo, to opening for acts such as Lil Jon, Baby Bash, J-kwon, and Bubba Sparxxx. Taking on a job with Union Pacific railroad allowed him to basically get his music exposed in every city he worked in such as Kansas City, Cheyenne, Denver, and Omaha. With a fan base in many cities how can he lose?

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