Common Talks New Album, ‘Hell on Wheels’

Common Talks New Album, ‘Hell on Wheels’

Common visited The Breakfast Club for a live discussion about his ninth album The Dreamer, The Believer, his memoir One Day It’ll All Make Sense, his role in Hell on Wheels and more. Common is doing a lot!

“This is my ninth album, it’s a blessing to be here doing nine albums…I got a chance to do this album with No I.D., it’s the hip-hop that I love. I’m charged on it.”

Angela then asked about the time when Common’s relationship with No I.D. was rocky.

“It was just that personal discrepancy… It’s just growing pains, I’ve known him since the fourth grade. I feel good that we had to go through those differences, now we good love, good people.”

Envy asked Common about his current on role on AMC’s Hell On Wheels.

“It takes place in 1865 and my character is playing a freed slave. A free man, and he’d one of those strong dudes and he’s like a rebel, the Nat Turner type. It’s very different from how you seen black people depicted at that time.”

Aside from acting in films he also has a book, a memoir: One Day It’ll All Make Sense and we learn many things about Common in that book. Namely, one of the first things you’ll learn is how his father kidnapped him and his mother.

“Me and my mother, he took us -I don’t even remember, I was a baby. He took us and we was riding out and he had the gun with him. Because he was on his way to a basketball tryout [in Seattle and we were driving from Chicago] and his man [recruiter] said you have to bring your family, and my moms was like ‘nah,’ and he kidnapped us for a minute. My mother handled her business and threw some stuff in his drink and called the police.”

Com also discusses his alleged Drake diss on “Sweet”, Fox News calling him a “gangster rapper,” performing his poem at the White House, Maya Angelou controversy, his high profile relationships in the industry, working on an album with Nas titled Nas.Com, and a few new films he’s working on.

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