Brianna Perry Talks BET Awards Nomination

Brianna Perry Talks BET Awards Nomination

Brianna Perry came by The Breakfast Club to discuss her nomination for BET Awards nomination, growing up in the Poe Boy family, attending college at The U, and her upcoming feature film role.

“Everybody at Poe Boy is pretty much like my family. After school, since like Kindergarden, first, second grade. They would pick me up and I would just go to the studio. I was supposed to be doing my homework and stuff and not anything music related. I would see Rick Ross and Brisco and all the other people, Trick and Trina just being from Miami would come through, and I was just all in the mix.”

Best Female Hip Hop Artist nomination at the BET Awards:

“I’m excited about the awards but I’m more excited about the reward than the award. Just to be nominated is a blessing. I’m just looking for the reward of being successful and having people recognize my talents and get familiar with me, see my name, so I’m just excited about that.”

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