Brandy & Monica Reunited

Brandy & Monica Reunited

Brandy and Monica joined The Breakfast Club to discuss reuniting after 14 years for their new single “It All Belongs To Me”. They talk about being pitted against each other before and after their ’98 duet “The Boy Is Mine”.

Monica: “We didn’t know each other. And what happened was, they do the same thing that they do now with the rappers or females. They kind of create it first, and we were young enough to fall into the traps. So we didn’t like each other, we didn’t communicate, we didn’t perform the record outside of the one time on the MTV Awards. We never even wanted to be in each others precence for many years.”

Brandy: “I felt like the drama is what made me want to do the song with her. We had this great song, Rodney [Jerkins] and I, “The Boy Is Mine”, And I’m like, ‘Oh my god, we should put Monica on this. It will just shock people that we would get on a song together, and since people already putting us against each other, this is the perfect song.’ It was basically built off the drama that everybody else created, and we hadn’t met each other.”

They discuss their reaction to Whitney Houston’s death, which happened to be the same day as Brandy’s birthday.

Brandy: “I didn’t celebrate at all. It was a really weird day. It was difficult for the both of us. And I was happy that Monica was right there. We shared that moment together. It was just tough, it was very tough, and it’s still is tough, it comes in waves.”

Monica: “It was rough. At thirteen years old I met somebody I idolized. Growing up, we didn’t have a lot of people that look like us, back in that particular era, that did the type of music that she did. She sang pop records, she sang soul records. She could do pretty much anything vocally.”

Brandy has role in Tyler Perry’s upcoming film “The Marriage Counselor”, which also co-stars Kim Kardashian.

Brandy: “We didn’t see each other on set. We didn’t have any scenes together at all. I look forward to seeing her at the premiere. I haven’t seen her in a long time, and I just want to say Hi.”

“I’m ride or die for Ray but at the end of the day, Kim was one of my best friends. And that’s always hard when your best friend is dating your brother, so I tried to play the neutral ground, but I still have love for Kim to this day.”

Charlamagne talks about the “social media wave” and asks Brandy how she deals with people bringing up her car accident and saying hurtful things, like calling her a “murderer”.

Brandy: “Those things hurt. I cant sit here and say Im not affected by things like that because I am.”

“I am a very sensitive person and I just feel like, when people’s intentions are bad and when they go to a place and try to hurt you like that. That was a very unfortunate situation that I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy. So when people take those moments to just send me pictures of car crashes or say things with evil intent, I think to myself, ‘How do people go to that place?'”

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