B.o.B Talks ATL Nights, Past Success, “Strange Clouds”

B.o.B Talks ATL Nights, Past Success, “Strange Clouds”

B.o.B stopped by The Breakfast Club to discuss his new record, past success, and plans for his sophomore album. Angela Yee asked him about dealing with instigators and if he gets tested a lot. She said a fight broke out around him at the club in Atlanta. Bob said, “It [was] so many people packed into one VIP. Then Tip left, so all the security’s gone… I should of left to.” They have a discussion about T.I. going to clubs shortly after his release from jail. Bob discusses Tip saying, “He’s recording like 2 Pac now. In the first week he got out, he did like 30 songs. Not even exaggerating.”

Bobby Ray talks about his musical progression and recording process. “The first song I ever released was “Cloud 9,” Bob says. “That was a smokers anthem. The whole first half of the song I was just singing. I wasn’t even rapping, like MC’ing and hip hop style rapping. I kind’ve went through that phase. I went through an alternative phase, where all I wanted to do was make rock music. Now I just feel like rapping. I feel like naturally I’m going to throw in a melody in, here or there. But I’m in an MC mode now.”

Angela asked how his life has changed since he released his debut album The Adventures of Bobby Ray. He discusses recording the album saying some of the songs were a couple years-old when the album came out. He talks about performing at the White House saying he’s performed at “multiple events” for President Obama. He talks about recording his new single “Strange Clouds” saying he thought about getting Wiz Khalifa on the song, but wanted something “unexpected” so he went with Lil Wayne.

Charlamagne Tha God asked Bob if he feels like he needs to cater to the streets. “I feel like I’m getting back to my basics,” Bobby says. “I’m reminding people who didn’t know who I was before “Airplanes” or “Nothin On You.” This next album will remind those people, inform them how far back my roots go with hip hop. I got signed straight out of high school in 2007. I been putting out mixtapes since then. “Nothing On You” and “Airplanes” were the songs that exposed me to the world. So for the people who didn’t get to experience that side of B.o.B, I feel like this album will shed light on that.”

Bob discusses his new album “Strange Clouds” saying he hopes to have it released in early March. Angela asked him if he’s still with the girlfriend he wrote “Nothing On You” for. Charlamagne tells him to stay were he’s at musically and not to listen to the people telling him he needs to get back to the streets. Bob replied, “I feel like this. If you do something that’s successful, why would you stop doing it?”

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